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After their 2016 debut album “Spanish Blues”, “Mitch And The Djed” are back to release the short film “Life” and its soundtrack as an EP. This new multimedia project is produced by Massimiliano Maffeis “Mitch” and aims to celebrate all facets of life.
In “Life”, the modern world is coloured with vintage shades.
At first, the sound of an alarm clock leads us into this dimension. The powerful song “Early Morning Blues” reminds us that life should be enjoyed from the very beginning. Since time flies and everything flows like in a short film, we’d better experience every single moment with a sense of fullness and delight.
Then we look back at our twenties: “You’re Laughing At Me” deals with our first romances and the powerful emotions and dreams they give us. Those love affairs help us mature along the way, until we meet our soulmate at the right time.
The instrumental song “Greis” is dedicated by Mitch to his wife Griselda and is accompanied by videos representing the journey alongside our loved one, who’s always willing to support us through any hardship.
Regarding the ups and downs in our lives, “Black Bird” focuses on the changes we make when facing either positive or negative circumstances.
We carry on until we unexpectedly reach the end of our journey. “Golden Ring In The Cemetery” symbolizes the final act of our earthly existence, but the images in “Reprise” (performed by Emilio Rossi on the piano) suggest that even death is merely a change – from matter to spirit.
The EP includes “Consonno”, an extra track composed by Mitch as a tribute to the Northern Italian ghost town of the same name. As we wander among the mysterious remains of the city, we can freely imagine what will come after life.

Mitch would personally like to thank Vincenzo Rampinelli for his precious contribution to the recording and filmmaking processes.

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