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"Spanish Blues" is composed in 2005 by Massimiliano Maffeis "Mitch". It is a modern serenade in memory of a troubled affair with a Spanish girl written for fun and for love.
Such events trigger the songwriter's creativity and his ideas rapidly transform into songs which are recorded at Phoenix Studio in Castel Mella (Brescia, Italy) with the help of some fellow musicians.
In 2008 Italian producers start showing interest in the project and give positive feedbacks. Following the suggestion of an indie label owner, Mitch puts together a band to work further on improving his ideas. Drummer Stefano Bonetti, lead guitarist Francesco Bono and bass player Levi Alghisi thus join the newly born "Mitch And The Djed". Between 2014 and 2015 the group records its debut album "Spanish Blues", a mix of country, blues, psychedelic rock and hard rock. The resulting sound immediately becomes a distinctive characteristic of the band. At the beginning of 2016 the singles "Town Of The Angels" and "Star (She Lives So Far)" are released within few weeks. The two songs are broadcast by 11 European national networks and about 200 Italian local radio stations. In the summer of 2016 Federico Maffi and Alessio Mineni join the band as the new lead guitarist and the new bass player respectively. Soon after, the group signs a deal with the Italian indie label (R)esisto to publish the album "Spanish Blues", which is released at the end of 2016, introduced by the single "Fair Of Malaga".

First line-up (Summer 2015)

The band's name makes a reference to the "Djed", an ancient Egyptian symbol related to the worshipping of the god Osiris. This emblem represents eternal life and, by choosing it, the quartet express the hope that their music will leave a small but lasting trace in time. This symbol is also a tribute paid by Mitch to his ancestors of Egyptian origins.

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